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Guardian Gear

Guardian Gear Collapsible Dog Crate

Guardian Gear is a well-known company with a good reputation for manufacturing quality products for dogs.

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They produce everything from car barriers to doggie swimming pools and food/water dishes.

Guardian gear collapsible crates, make travel and shows a breeze for pet and owner. Large mesh windows on four sides provide maximum ventilation, and the side panels have flaps that can be rolled open or left closed depending on the weather.

Here are some of their more popular products:

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1. Guardian Gear Large Dog Pool

Most dogs love playing in the water as much as possible, especially on a hot day.

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The Guardian Gear Dog Pool, comes in red or blue and is made from sturdy PVC material. It also folds down so you can put it away once the weather cools down.

The pool is big enough for a Labrador to lay down in it and cool off in a few inches of cold water. Your kids can even play in this pool, but clean out the dog hairs first!

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2. Guardian Gear Dog Muzzle

Nobody likes muzzling dogs, but it’s sometimes necessary, especially for vet and groomers visits.

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A comfortable, nylon, foam-lined muzzle like the one manufactured by Guardian Gear works for all dog snouts. Stand over the dog and quickly slip it over his muzzle and snap it behind his ears with the quick-release buckle.

That’s it! There is no way he can get out of this muzzle, nor bite anyone as long as you order the correct size. The muzzles fit everything from a Maltese to an Irish wolfhound.

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3. Guardian Gear Training Collar

Guardian Gear Training Collar

Big dogs need some tough love, and a pronged training collar provides that.

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It’s even better than typical choke chains, since it has rubber tips on the prongs to prevent any lacerations on your dog’s neck.

This training collar is guaranteed not to rust or break due to its tough, welded steel. Use it on even the most aggressive, stubborn dogs for excellent results.

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