Laws to Protect Pets, You, Passengers as well as other drivers

Pet Safety Barrier

Laws to Protect Pets in CarsMany states are now issuing new laws to protect pets in cars. These laws are being passed in an effort to not only protect the pets from harm, but as a precaution to protect you and your passengers as well as other drivers.

If you’re one of those people who let your pets sit on your lap or roam around freely in the car while you’re driving, you may end up getting fined if you get caught.

So far there are six states that have laws to protect pets in cars. In Hawaii, you cannot let your pet sit on your lap at all while you’re driving or you will be ticketed.

Laws to Protect Pets in cars

In New Jersey, if a police officer sees an unrestrained pet in your car, you will be pulled over and ticketed, and you could even face an animal cruelty charge. In Arizona, Connecticut, and Maine, driving with a pet on your lap falls under the distracted-driving laws for which you can also receive a hefty fine.

Rhode Island is in the process of also passing a distracted-driving law that pertains to pets sitting on laps in cars. Many other states will soon be following suit and enforcing similar laws to protect pets in cars.

Solvit-Car Safety Harnesses For DogsThe reason these laws are being passed is because an unrestrained pet in a car can be a distraction and cause drivers to get into accidents. Another reason is because if you are in an accident or have to stop suddenly, your pet can be thrown around the car, not only causing injuries to your pet but also possibly causing injuries to you and your passengers.

Many people are looking at these new laws to protect pets in cars the same way they view laws on protecting children in cars. It is against the law for a child to be unrestrained in a car because of the risk of injury or death if something happens.

A person who is caught with a child unrestrained in a car is fined and can possibly even face child endangerment charges, and so they believe the same rules should apply to pets. There are a variety of different types of pet restraints coming on the market these days.

Pet restraints resemble a harnessThese pet restraints resemble a harness and attach to an existing seat belt in your car. There are also restraints available that fit around pet carriers which also attach to a seat belt in your car.

The restraints are designed to comfortably fit your pet, and they still have enough of a lead on the end of the restraint that is attached to the seat belt to move around a bit. However, because your pet is securely restrained to a seat belt, they aren’t going to be thrown around as much if you have to make a sudden stop.

These laws to protect pets in cars are being passed as a safety measure and not as just another reason to pull you over and ticket you for something, which is what some people think is the reason for passing these laws. When it comes to allowing your pets to ride in cars, treat them as you would your children and buckle them up to keep them safe.

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