How To Enhance Dog Safety

Dog Safety Tips

Dog SafetyKeeping a dog is fun but it also requires some extra effort. This is because it is the responsibility of every dog owner to ensure their dog safety. In fact many dog owners consider these pets as their family members.

They like involving them in almost everything they do. Such pet keepers consider involving them in family activities such as holidays and family celebrations.

Today, there are many things that can be of risk to your dog. This means that you have to be extra keen in ensuring dog safety whenever you are holding any activity that involves your pet. Most dogs will be curious especially during such activities. They will tend to move to places or objects that might be dangerous to them.

To ensure your dog safety, you need to consider the following;

Always ensure that there are no gaps in your home’s fence. Always ensure that your garden and home is safe.

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This way, your dog safety will be ensured since there will be no possibility of the pet moving out of your home.

Train your dog to obey your commands or those of other family members. This enables you to save your dog with ease if it engages in life-threatening activities. A single command will make the dog quit what it might be doing.

You also need to ensure health of your dog by feeding it with the right foods. Also do regular exercising with the pet to keep it active and healthy. If it is a small dog it will grow vigorously and if an old one, it will remain healthy for long.

You can also have the dog micro-chipped. This is implanting a small electronic chip under the skin of your dog. The chip contains information about you and the dog. Thus, if you lose it, getting it will be easy.

You also need to avoid bringing poisonous products to your home. And if they must be there, then ensure there are out of reach for the dog. Dog safety includes keeping poisonous plants away from your home. Make sure that there are no plants such as poinsettia in your home.

It is also important that you avoid leaving lit candles in your home. You should only have the candles lit when you are around. If you want to leave a room, then blow the candles out. This is because the dog might be curious and draw closer to them. You also need to use decorations that are not toxic in your home. Anything that looks attractive to the dog should be wrapped tightly.

If it is during the Christmas season when you have a tree with dangling ornaments, ensure that the dog does not go near them. You can also have a barrier around the tree. This is because the dangling ornaments might raise the dog’s curiosity drawing them to the tree. This poses a risk to the dog because the tree can fall.

Once your dog safety is ensured, you can comfortably play with your dog during the holiday or family celebrations.

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