Tools to Keep Track of a Wandering Dog

1 – Pet Tracking Collars

Pet Tracking Collars

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We now have technology that enables us to keep track of a Wandering Dog at all times.

GPS technology can track with amazing precision and let you know the exact coordinates or address of your missing pet.

If you like to let your dog walk off leash, at least outfit him with a tracking device so you won’t have to deal with a possible heartbreak later. Tracking collars are also good for hunting dog excursions, since the dogs have to be off-leash in the forest.

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2 – Tracker Radio Systems

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Tracker Radio Systems is a tool used by many hunters with their dogs. The hunter clips a receiver to his belt, and the collar goes around the dog’s neck. The collar emits a radio frequency picked up by the receiver.

It lets the hunter know how far away the dog is, the range, and whether he’s standing still or walking around. A screen or needle indicator on the receiver will let you know where your dog is located. Garmin makes a lot of these tracking collars in various sizes.

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3 – Zoombak Advanced GPS Dog Locator

Zoombak Advanced GPS Dog Locator

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The Zoombak is for bigger dogs over 40 pounds who tend to wander a lot or live out in the country. It is on the expensive side, at around $60 for the unit and about $13 a month to maintain the service.

The GPS collar fits around the dog’s neck. If you ever lose your pet, simply log onto the Zoombak website and go to your account. It will show you on a map where the dog is standing.

One neat feature is that the company also keeps records of where your dog wanders during the day. You can log onto your account and see where your dog walked during the past seven days.

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