Pet Travel Carriers: Airline Safety

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Pet Travel Carriers has been required in all Airlines rules regarding pet travel. Each airline has its own policies, so look up the laws before you and your dog travel.

Most airlines want to see a health certificate from a vet and a copy of his vaccinations.

Small pets can travel in the cabin, but they need to fit underneath the seat. Pet travel carriers for large dogs can go in the cargo area of the plane. The temperature is the same as the cabin, but inform the pilot that you are transporting a dog in cargo so he can keep an eye on the temperature.

Bergan Pet Carriers are not only comfortable for your pet, but also distinctly sophisticated. The Comfort Carrier is a zippered opening that allows you to comfort your pet during travel. Carry your pet with confidence in this Bergan soft-sided carrier.

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A mesh and nylon pet travel carriers are comfortable for your pet and easy for you to carry. Your dog should be less than 16 pounds to fit (Product Dimensions: 18″ x 11″ x 10″) into the Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier Deluxe Pet Carrier. It’s approved by airlines and fits under the seats.

It zips on the top or on the side so you can get to your dog quickly. Plus, it has extra pockets for food and toy storage.

If your dog doesn’t like strangers looking at him, you can simply roll down the privacy shades and let him take a nap. You can also use this excellent pet travel carriers for car trips. At less than $40, it’s a real bargain.

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Airline Cargo Carriers


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If your dog is going to travel in the cargo area, he needs a hard-sided kennel. It should be labeled “Live Animal” in big letters and “This End Up” with arrows.

It cannot be a kennel that is collapsible, for obvious safety reasons. The best type of cargo kennel is made from hard plastic on all sides except for the door, which is made with sturdy metal bars.

Put your name, address, and phone number on the kennel, plus a statement that your pet has been given food and water within the last few hours. Pet Travel Carriers are very important…

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