Pet Gates can be Safe and Improve your home Security

Pet Gates

Is your pet consistently going where you don’t want them to go? Or, maybe you just want to limit your pet’s access to certain parts of your home when you are not there or at nighttime.

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As an option, pet gates can be safe and improve home security as well. There are numerous styles of pet gates designed to do just that; limit your pet’s access and improve the security of your home.

Similar to baby gates, pet gates are a practical product used to restrict movement inside your home and to keep your pet out of harm’s way. You can find many styles of indoor pet gates, everything from extra small to larger styles. In fact, some larger gates, for larger pets, are designed with a small door for smaller animals like cats to enter and exit.

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Choosing the Right Pet Gate

If you prefer a specific brand of pet gate there are a number of brand names like Regalo, Carlson and North States Industries to name a few, that will have exactly what you need. The various gates can be purchased in soft mesh materials, indoor pet gates.

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1 – Metal pet gates come be lightweight and less costly. Heavier, more elaborate iron gates will cost considerably more.
2 – Wooden pet gates can be found in top-quality woods with numerous stains and veneers. Cheaper models are available in the form of an accordion style extensional gate.
3 – Metal pet gates are well-built with the highest durability; perfect if you have a robust pet, or one that likes to gnaw on wood.

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Pet Gate Mounting Methods

As far as mounting methods are concerned, there is fixed-mounted, pressure-mounted, and freestanding.

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1 – Pressure mounted gates include modifiable features to keep the gate in place and necessitate no mounting-hardware, tools, hole drilling, or screws to secure installation.
2 – Fixed mounted pet gates will require a bit of drilling and some screws in order to install it. However, they are the safest if you need to secure a larger pet like a canine who is good at escaping!
3 – Freestanding gates are usually easier to transport and requires nothing but for you to place it wherever you need it.

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Pet Gates are also Versatile

If you prefer to use your pet gate in a high-traffic are in your home, you might want to think about the convenience of walk-thru pet gates.

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These types of gates come with doors and provide fast and easy passage minus the need to step over it or take it away. There are special pet gate models for particular spots like the top of stairwells, or inside a car or truck. There are pet gate models that can provide a dual function too.

You can unfold them and turn them into a pet pen. If your pet is tall or likes to jump, there are numerous types of barriers that will contain your pet safely. In addition, there are extra-wide pet gates especially designed to shut off large openings. Overall, there are numerous ways to make sure your pet can be safe while improving the security of your home as well.

Fun Tip: There may be times when you would like to keep your pet restricted to a specific area without placing them in a crate. Summer gatherings when your home is filled with guest and activity and you’re to busy to keep an eye on your pet is the perfect example. A gate allows your pet to feel part of the fun without allowing him to get into all the goodies and possibly cause a mess.

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